DPS 640 x 360The Drunken Poets Society (DPS) is a private organization that neither seeks, nor receives, attention beyond it’s membership. You are only being made aware of the DPS because of your interest in Hayes Carll. Hayes is a direct descendent of a founding member of the society back in the 15th century (see DPS history), and therefore, is entitled to his own chapter.

Clearly Hayes is uniquely qualified to host a chapter. He is a master writer and poet. And he already has a following that is often times, well… enebriated. Members, once thoroughly vetted, will have access to various events and opportunities. Some will be public while others will be private and limited to DPS members and prospects.

To become a member of the Drunken Poets Society, go patreon.com/hayescarll and sign up to be a patron of Hayes Carll at the $5 level.

The fourth annual DPS Gathering will be in Port Aransas, TX the weekend of April 7-9, 2017. Weekend packages are available [here]. Members receive a 50% discount on weekend packages with a discount code applied at check out. If you are a member and do not have the discount code, please contact Emma at mcampromo@gmail.com before making your purchase.